Equipment rental

Check our rental equipment catalogue, we have a wide range of supplies to cover your needs, such as Lighting / Vídeo / Sound / Sets / Staging / Rigging / Furniture and others.

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Amongst our equipment we have screen of many kinds, proyectors, retro-proyectors, video players, laptops, splitters, mixers, cameras, video transmissioin systems, cables, etc..


A wide range of lightennings, mobile heads, splitters, mixing consoles, smoke machines, fans, cables and connectors, electric panels, signal distributors, dimmers, SAI systems, DMX technology,etc..


Check our microhones, speakers , mezcladores, amplifiers, players, DI, intercoms, cables and connectors…  


Trusses, hoist, lifting towers, etc..


A wide catalogue of products to build up your sets, engines, fabrics, masts, flags, stock flats, pipe & drapes, stand up displays, printing materials, etc..


Chairs, tables, beds, sofas, tents, shelves, lecterns, blinds, coat racks, etc.. 


Artificial grass, flooring, catenaries, heaters, racks, led decoration, digital displays, and many other materials to make your event happens.