Events are in our DNA

As a local partner of international event agencies, we have worked in more than a 1000 events where we have developed a very strong network of partners with the same target: highest quality standards.

How do we do all this? No secret! dedication, attention to detail, teamwork, trust and… sense of humour! Always embracing challenges with a smile and looking forward to exceed expectations.

Product Launches

A local partner that knows the ropes, is essential for your event to run on time, on budget and be a success.

A friendly and experienced bilingual team of Production Managers and Technicians is our key to delivering an excellent event for you and your client.

We hold a complete range of top quality AV & Lighting equipment, Sets & Staging, as well as a wide range of decoration items in stock.

And with more than 2.000 sqm facilities available we are able to build bespoke sets or anything else that an event requires.


Local production of national and international tours.

We have a wide network of local suppliers to service your needs.


We can help you build your stand or build it for you, to your design or to ours.

Turnkey services or a singular service.

Whatever is best for you and your exhibition Is best for us also.


From massive shows to exclusive events, nothing is too big or too small.

Special Events

Live concerts, Exclusive festivals, Film premiers, Air shows, etc.


We are comitted to the success of your conference and have the experience and contacts to help you achieve that goal.

Bespoke sets and decoration to stock sets and flats.

Unique original furniture to a wide range of off the shelve rental options.

Revolves and staging. As well as the full range of AV technical equipment.

Corporate Events

From the most intimate to most public of events, from a unique private venue to the largest public space.

We have the staff, experience and understanding know how that this range to make business meetings a success.

Automotive Events

Years of experience in helping companies luanch their vehicles, press, dealers, public, motor shows and super confidencial internal events, we have done all of these and more.

Spain has some of the best weather in Europe for these types of events and huge range of circuits, off road tracks and some beautiful roads for just driving.