Virtual Events

New reality, new language

2020 has been a year of many changes in the way we live. Virtual events have burst into this context and although we all hope to get back together very soon, this new language has come to stay. The syntax and codes from tv are the key to catch your audience.

At Amograe we offer you different solutions to move your online events to the next level. Virtual events, Webinars, Custom sets, camera and control equipment, chroma sets, Live multiplatform broadcasting. All with the love for detail and professionalism that marks our work

Virtual Events

This new form of institutional and corporate communication is here to stay.

Although the experience of a face-to-face event cannot be substituted, virtual events have acquired their own code and language.

Taking TV as a reference, a great engagement with the audience in their homes is achieved, interectavity, greater capacity to spread the message, massive audiences, sustainability are the virtues of this new media, the future is here and now.

At Amograe we put at your disposal everything you need to turn your virtual event into an authentic TV program.

If you want to go one step further, we have partners capable of creating tools to further improve the experience: comprehensive virtual event management software, meeting rooms, chat and voting, virtual reality and much more.


Training has also changed in this new reality.

Webinars are the most efficient form of training communication at this time and we at Amograe we can help you take your webinar to the next level.

Broadcast Equipment

All the necessary equipment for your broadcast to have the finishes and details of a TV program.

Cameras, microphones, sound, lighting equipment, recording and broadcasting equipment.

We can create a TV studio for you wherever and whenever you want.

Chroma Sets

Chroma sets allow surprising possibilities in the digital world, from including virtual backgrounds behind speakers, to including people from other locations on the set through transparencies.

We can build a chroma set for you prepared to use personalized backgrounds, wherever you need it, going a steep further in your video conference meetings.

Custom Sets

Need a set for your Virtual Event? Our experienced set design and construction team has a tailor made solution for you.

We can reproduce any television format: news, late night show, panel discussion, morning show, etc.

From printed backgrounds to gigantic LED screens, designer and personalized furniture.

Talk to us we can help you from the design stage to create a set that has a WOW effect on your audience.

Multi-platform Streaming

A great advantage of Virtual Events is the possibility that the audience can follow them on any device, anywhere.

We can broadcast on the streaming platform you prefer from your own YouTube channel, to private servers or even your own communication platform.

If a massive audience is your goal, let’s go for it

Tell us your needs or your preferences and we will help you to make your event go wherever you want it and the network coverage allows it.